The 7 Best Betting Sign Up Offers

On this page you’ll find the best betting sign up offers to get you started making easy money with risk free matched betting – and if you complete them in this order you’ll be skilled enough and confident enough to tackle any bookmaker.

Why is this important?

Well, when I first started looking into matched betting, I struggled initially because I couldn’t get my head around all of the different rules, regulations and conditions I needed to satisfy in order to receive my free bet.

Because of this, I ended up losing my initial deposit, as well as losing my opportunity to take advantage of free promotions (as I’d placed my initial qualifying bet incorrectly.)

This page will definitely help you to avoid making those mistakes.

The sites I looked at when starting out generally only talked about Coral, Betfred and William Hill – which left me to find my own way once I’d exhausted those.

(And I even managed to screw my initial Betfred bet up!)

With that in mind, I’ll not only discuss why I think each offer is useful but also explain any criteria you need to satisfy to qualify for your free bets.

I would recommend signing up for these offers with a debit card, as using PayPal (or equivalent) will often disqualify you from the promotion.

So, without further ado…

The Top 7 Best Betting Sign Up Offer

1. Coral

Why have I ranked Coral as my no.1 bookmaker?

Well, as I mentioned earlier, they’re often the bookmakers which people recommend starting out with – and this is for a good reason.

For a start, you only need to bet £5 to receive £20 worth of free bets (4 £5 bets offered) which is a generous return considering some bookmakers actually offer less than your initial deposit.

I also felt that Coral were very quick to award free bets once my qualifying bet had settled, as some made me wait a full 24 hours before releasing my freebies.

Finally, Coral are relatively simple and allow you to cash out your winnings without having to wager your free bet multiple times (more on that later!)

Terms to Consider

  1. Your initial bet must be made on a game with odds of 1.5 or over for you to qualify for the free promotion.
  2. You must also make your initial £5 bet within 14 days of registering your account.
  3. You must use your free bets within 7 days of receiving them

2. William Hill

I couldn’t possibly leave William Hill off a list of the best betting sign up offers.

After all, they were the first bookmaker I managed to make money off using risk free matched betting.

When signing up, you initially need to deposit £10 and make a bet, which will allow you to receive £30 (3 x £10 bets) in free bets in return.

This is a great promotion for you to make a good profit from and signing up is extremely easy, just make sure you use the promo code  “C30” when doing so in order to enter the promotion.

Terms to Consider

  1. Your initial bet must be made on a sporting event with odds of 1.5 or over
  2. You must use your free bets within 30 days of receiving them

3. Ladbrokes

Ladbrokes easily has one of the best betting sign up offers out of the major bookmakers.

It’s financially profitable and really easy to sign-up to.

Yet I managed to screw it up!

How? Well when I joined Ladbrokes I saw the offer and excitedly joined their site, eager to make some money quickly.

Unfortunately, I’d forgotten to input the promo code 20FREE when doing so and didn’t qualify for the promotion. Honestly, that’s why I wanted to start this blog, because I made so many stupid mistakes that you could easily avoid.

best betting sign up offers

Anyway, once you’ve signed up (with the promo code!) you simply need to deposit £5 and make a qualifying bet. Then you’ll receive £20 worth of free bets (4 x£5).

It’s easy enough to sign-up to and making the money is relatively straight forward, so I’d recommend Ladbrokes as a good starting bookmaker when learning how to make money from risk free matched betting.

Terms to Consider

  1. Your qualifying bet must be on odds of 1.5 or over
  2. You must make the qualifying bet within 14 days of signing up to Ladbrokes
  3. Your free bets must be used with 4 days of being awarded

4. Betfred

Ah Betfred, another bookmaker I royally screwed up on when signing up to the website.

Whilst it is fairly simple to sign-up and earn £30 in free bets (all you need to do is deposit and then gamble with £10), I have said before that I made a right mess of this promotion.

This is why it’s important to read the Terms and Conditions when signing up.

Regardless of my mistake (betting below the required odds) this is a very easy bookmaker to sign-up to, with a generous financial promotion and a long period in which to make your qualifying bet, I’d recommend trying Betfred early into your risk free matched betting career.

Terms to Consider

  1. Your qualifying bet must be placed on a sporting event with odds of 2.0 or greater
  2. Your qualifying bet must be settled within 60 days of placing it
  3. Your free bet must be used within 7 days of being awarded

5. Betstars

I feel like Betstars is somewhat overlooked by many sites which discuss risk free matched betting, but I found it to be one of my personal favourites.

The financial bonus isn’t quite as large as you have to deposit and bet £20 to unlock a £20 promotion, but they to credit your account quickly and it’s still a good money maker.

I liked them because I made an error and didn’t qualify for promotion. Which shouldn’t come as a surprise as I seem to be constantly making errors when signing up!

However, their customer service department was fantastic and when I explained my error they kindly allowed me to redo the initial deposit and still qualify – which is why they get a huge thumbs up from me.

Terms to Consider

  1. Your qualifying bet must be placed on an event with odds of 2.0 or greater
  2. You must place your first bet within 90 days of signing up to Betstars
  3. You have 7 days to use your free bets once they’re awarded

6. Betvictor

I decided to include Betvictor on the list of best betting sign up offers because you unlock a few different rewards and I quite enjoyed messing around with this.

best betting sign up offers

Whilst you can work matched betting with an accumulator, you probably won’t feel confident doing this with your 6th attempt at this process (providing you’re following this guide!)

I know I didn’t, which is why I enjoyed having the spare reward money to play with.

When you sign-up to Betvictor, you’ll receive £30 worth of free bets, but only £10 of this is relevant to sports betting – the other £20 is used on the casino games (£10) and an accumulator bet (£10) respectively.

I used the £10 sports bet to make money through risk free matched betting and then spent the other £20 just having a bit of fun gambling. After all, it’s free money that you didn’t have before, so you may as well enjoy it.

Besides, you only need to invest £5 to unlock all of these bonuses!

Terms to Consider

  1. You have to bet on an event with odds of 2.0 or greater
  2. You have to bet within 7 days of signing up to Betvictor
  3. Your £10 accumulator bet must be for an accumulator with 3 outcomes
  4. Your free £10 casino money must be wagered 40x before you can withdraw your winnings

I mentioned wagering above, and it’s something I think is worth quickly discussing here.

Wagering a free bet means that you have to use that amount a certain number of times before you can withdraw any money in your balance.

So, you will receive a free bet of £10 to use in the casino, but you must actually gamble at least £400 in the casino before you can withdraw anything you’ve won in this time – which I personally don’t like as I feel it’s too easy to lose your own money when doing this.

Hence, this is why BetVictor is quite low down the line, because whilst you do make profit on the sports bet (and can on the accumulator bid – learn more here,) I do think the casino bonus is frustrating.

7. Bet365

The final bookmaker I’m going to mention is Bet365, who require a large investment but offer a larger profit in return.

I also think that Bet365’s large investment is a great way to make that bold leap. Once you’ve completed a few matched bets and realise that there isn’t any risk, you’ll feel more confident placing a lot of money into your betting account.

It’s a big step, but once you get over this hurdle, you’ll feel confident approaching any bookmaker because you know you aren’t going to lose your investment.

With Bet365, whatever you deposit and use to bet (from £5 to £100) will be matched by the bookmaker.

Giving you the opportunity to make quite a large sum of money if you’re brave enough to invest the full £100 – which you should be if you’ve worked through the other 6 offers.

Terms to Consider

  1. You must make the bets within 30 days of signing up for Bet365
  2. You must bet on an event with odds of 1.2 or greater

So, there you have it, a list of the 7 best betting sign up offers.

Following the list in this order will allow you to develop your knowledge of risk free match betting and practice using the system until you’re quite proficient and ready to deposit a larger amount.

Once you’ve worked through these 7 bookmakers, you can find a list of other Bookmakers to use at this site.

Good luck!