Can I Make Money with No Risk Matched Betting?

No risk matched betting is a great way to make some real money without having to put too much effort in. In fact, you’ll be able to make your first profit today just from following the guide in this article. Seriously, it’s that simple.

So, what is no risk matched betting?

I’d like to tell you that this i exactly what it says on the tin but I do have a slight issue with saying that. After all, betting is a form of gambling and, by it’s very definition isn’t really possible without an element of risk.

But this system really is “no risk” and so I find it quite hard to even call it betting!

All you’re doing, is exploiting the odds a bookie offers you to guarantee profit.

It’s a great way to make money from the comfort of your own home, in fact I just used some of my weekly profits to pay for my most recent MOT!

Basically, no risk matched betting involves placing a bet on a sport and then finding the opposite result at an exchange (I personally recommend Betfair as a great place to start!) The reason that this is a safe money-making system is because the odds for both outcomes will be almost equal.

And, most importantly, you’ll be using free money (yes, free money) to make money.

How do you receive free money?

It’s simple, you just need to sign up with a bookmaker and then take advantage of their sign-up offer.

For example,

I’m going to head over to a gambling website such as and sign-up to their website, allowing me to take advantage of their free promotion.

A quick glace at that promotion tells me that I need to deposit £5 and use this on a bet with odds greater than 1.5. Doing this will allow me to receive £20s worth of free bets once my initial bet has settled.

So, I’ve signed-up (do so here and follow this tutorial to start making real money right now) and deposited £5. Now it’s time to begin making some real cash!

Whilst risk free matched betting is a system which you can use for any sport, I’m going to look at the football being played as this is my favourite sport. I can see straight away that there are several games to be played over the next few days, and I’m going to use Astana vs CFR Cluj as an example as that game is top of the list.

At a quick glance, I can see that the odds of Astana winning this game are 1.95.

risk free matched betting
The “back bet” odds are circled in green

Let’s head over and sign-up to Betfair (my recommended exchange for newbies) and check if there are any similar odds that I can exploit to make some guaranteed money. As a quick side note, I understand some people don’t like the term “exploit” but that’s exactly what we’re doing so I’m going to keep using the term.

Anyway, heading over to our exchange, I can see that I can make a “lay bet” against Astana winning with odds of 2.

Remember, it’s very important to use the exchange as this is where you can make your “lay bet” allowing you to bet directly against a result. If I bet against Astana winning, then I still win the bet on the exchange whether they lose or draw.

FYI, a “back bet” is the bet I make backing a team or horse etc to win an event, and the “lay bet” is the bet I place against them winning (placed at the betting exchange.)

risk free matched betting
The “lay bet” is highlighed in green

So, now I make a “back bet” of £5 at Coral, backing Astana to win, and then I match my bet at the exchange by placing a “lay bet” against Astana winning. (This will always be in pink)

To help you find matching odds quickly, and identify how much money to bet, there is a calculator you can use at this site (free but limited) or another one at this site (paid but featuring hundreds of bookies) to help you decide how much you should bet at the exchange.

As you can see from the image below, whilst I need to bet £5, I need to ensure I have £10 in my account as there is also £5 liability money. This is money that I will have to pay out if my bet loses (don’t worry, you get this back if the back bet wins, and obviously don’t lose it at all if your lay bet wins.)

risk free matched betting
The calculator from

There are 2 possible outcomes right now

  1. Astana win and I win the bet on Coral, but lose my money on Betfair
  2. Astana either draw or lose and I win the bet on Betfair, but lose my bet on Coral

Either way, I am going to win one bet which will cancel out the bet I lose at the other site.  Using the calculator above, I can see that betting £5 on both websites would ensure that I only won £4.75 no matter the result of the game.

Which actually leaves me at a loss of 25p as I have basically deposited £10 (£5 on each site) and won £4.75.

That’s confusing when I read it back.

  • Deposit and bet £5 at Coral for Astana to win, but they drew (£0 return)
  • Deposit and bet £5 at Betfair on Astana not to win, and they draw (£9.73 return including my original £5 stake)
  • Therefore my profit is -£0.25

That seems clearer!

So, I’m currently in the negative but I’ve now unlocked 4 free £5 bets at Coral, which is the equivalent of £20 in free cash to gamble with.

I’m now going to do the exact same thing again and find a game on Coral to match with Betfair.

I’ve found a perfect match to gamble on, the mouth-watering tie between the colossal Dudelange and the might Valletta.

A quick glance at Coral gives me odds at 4.3 of Dudelange winning whilst I can bet against this at the Betfair exchange with odds of 3.9 – odds above 3 are a great way to increase profit. By putting these odds into the calculator I can see a few different things.

Firstly, I only need to bet £3.41 at Betfair (but will need £11.25 in my account for liability in-case the bet loses.) I can also see that my profit will be £3.24. However, I have 4 bets to place so I’m going to make the same bet 4 times using Coral and Betfair, giving me a grand total of £12.96 in profit.

Not too bad for 20 minutes work really.

risk free matched betting
The profit I’ll make (x it by 4) without any risk

Let’s recap, how have I managed to use no risk matched betting to make £12.96.

  1. Sign-up to and deposit £5
  2. Do the same at Betfair
  3. Use a calculator to find a bet with matching odds
  4. Bet £5 at Coral (Astana to win) and £5 at Betfair (Astana not to win)
  5. Wait for the bet to settle and receive £20 worth of betting money from Coral
  6. Repeat step 3
  7. Repeat step 4
  8. Reap my rewards

It’s a relatively simple process but I would wholeheartedly recommend using a calculator because it will save you literally hours and hours of work. The free calculator is a great tool to get you started and, once you’ve made some money, I’d recommend signing up for the paid version here (try the first week for £1 and see what you think, but you’ll increase your profit margins by doing so.)

Do I Need to Know about Sports?

I think part of the reason that no risk matched betting is considered to have no risk, is because you don’t need any prior sporting knowledge to gamble.

I’ll be honest, despite being a football fan, I have no idea about the teams I’ve highlighted in this article. I don’t know which country they’re from, what leagues they’re in or if they’re any good. It’s all about the odds, not about the content.

I’ve made a ton of money from implementing this system whenever horse racing is on, but I couldn’t tell you the first thing about the sport.

As I’ve repeated several times, the only tool you really need is a good calculator (which has been purposefully built for this system) and you can find them here and here.

How much money can I make?

Hmm, this is a question I dwelt on for quite some time if I’m honest.

I have read stories of people making 4-figure monthly sums but I think that’s quite rare. I would say I make a few hundred per month from matched betting, and it certainly hasn’t let me quit my day job teaching. However, it has supplemented my income nicely and allows me to make money without putting a ton of effort in each weekend.

I think ultimately, the amount of money you make will be down to how much effort you put in. I need to be clear that this is not passive income, it does require some work and I seriously don’t think you’ll make real money without paying to have somebody help you find matches and calculate the amount of money to bet.

I’m not saying it’s impossible, but it’s certainly a damn sight more difficult. If you’re serious about making money from no risk matched betting, then I’d recommend (last time, I promise!) that you take advantage of the £1 trial here and see how it goes. I know when I first started out, I made enough money during the trial period to cover several months service.

Where’s the Best Place to Start?

Honestly, I’d say the best place to start your journey towards becoming a no risk matched betting guru would be right here.

Owen Burek wrote a superb article about matched betting at and it comes with it’s own built-in calculator to get you started and help you make money quickly.

It was the very first article I ever actually took seriously and it was what inspired me to begin my own website about a hobby (albeit a profitable one) that I’m very passionate about.

So check out, start using the calculator tool they offer for free and most importantly…

Make some money today!